Upright Birthing Positions

Upright Birthing Positions

Standing and birthing? To some...That may seem like a lot of work? It is also a true testament that hard work pays off! 


So what is upright birthing? And how can I use this technique to promote a progressive labour? 


Upright Birthing - Is sitting or standing upright while giving birth. 

Upright birthing positions include: 

  • Sitting
  • Standing
  • Sitting on a birth stool or cushion
  • Kneeling 
  • Hands-and-knees 
  • Squatting

Okay, sounds greats so how can I use this technique to progress labor?

Well...What goes up, must come down! right? So When you’re lying down you may have to push harder because you’re going against gravity. When you’re upright, you can push less because you’re allowing gravity to help bring your baby down!

I know, that sounds great! Keep in mind however, standing during birth is extremely effective, it can also become very tiring. During labor try to mix around your upright birthing positions with sitting and standing. This will help you save your energy. 


For example:

Enjoy a few contractions sitting and meditating, Afterwards a few contractions on the toilet, and a few contractions standing. 

If you have any questions feel free to respond to this email. 


Wishing you a Happy Labor!