How To Access Your Course:

 Step 1: Home page > Course > Checkout 

Step 2: During checkout add your email, first & last name 

Step 3: Proceed to Payment and Complete Your Order

Step 4: From the Order confirmation page > Click Go To My Courses 

Step 5: From the login page > Create Account 

Step 6: Create an Account using the same email, first & last name you checked out with and Create a password.

Step 7: On The Create account page you will receive a message to verify your email address > Go To Your Email > Customer Account Activation Email > Click Activate Account 

Step 8: You will be sent to the order history page > Menu > My Courses 

All your course items will be available to view online, or download for offline viewing. You may access your course at anytime when logged in to

Birth Course How To Video: